Portable Windows to Run Windows from USB

Tips to make portable windows and run windows from USB
Portable Windows to Run Windows from USB
Portable Windows to Run Windows from USB

Many of us already know that we can run almost any version of Linux like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and Elementary directly from USB flash drive. These Linux distributions come directly with inbuilt functionality to run directly from USB drives. This is very handy feature as you can carry your desktop settings, file settings and many more wherever you go.

Windows dos not come with any inbuilt functionality to carry your personal settings on the go, so this is quite inconvenient to many of us. Now a free utility software called WinToUSB claims to solve this issue and let the Windows users to carry their personal data, settings and desktop wherever they go. It supports Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and 7. You can install your favorite Windows Operating System on your flash drive and take it wherever you need and run Windows from USB or flash drive. It will boot your favorite fully functional Windows directly from USB or any other flash drive.

In order to install Windows Operating System on your USB flash drive, you need a USB flash drive of 16GB or more capacity and a Windows installation disk or ISO image file. Let’s go through the steps to install Windows operating system on your USB Flash drive.

Step 1 – Download and install WinToUSB from its website, click here to go to their website to download WinToUSB utility.

Step 2 – Run the WinToUSB tool and select the location of Windows installation disk or ISO image file then click Next.

Step 3 – When it will ask for installation disk, insert the USB flash drive , select it and go with format option under WinToUSB tool.

Step 4 – Once the format is done, select the USB flash drive as both system and boot partition and click on next. It will copy necessary windows files to USB flash drive.

Step 5 – The process to convert your USB flash drive as bootable drive with Windows operating system may take some time. Once this process is finished click on finish option.

Once the process is finished, you have fully functional Windows Operating System installed on your USB Flash drive. You can now run windows from USB.

You need to remember that, on first time when you use your USB flash drive to run windows from USB, you need to configure your Windows Desktop settings, user account, password etc. These setting will be saved on your USB flash drive as well and you won’t need to setup these things from next time onwards.

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