Restore Broken App on Android

Restore Broken App on Android
Restore Broken App on Android

Restore Broken App on Android – Have you ever faced a situation with your smartphone when the shortcut to your favorite app is not there on screen? Or you tried to open an app and you found out that it’s not opening. This is called broken apps. Yes this is one of the issue, many of us are facing now. I am going to cover, how to restore broken apps on android smartphone.

Most of the time, the solution is very simple. You just need to restart your smartphone and the shortcut to your app will be visible on your home screen or if it was not working, it will be working again.

The shortcut to your favorite app may vanish from the home scree after OS update or app update or just got a notification that, the app’s shortcut link is broken. If you find yourself in this kind of situation, here are few steps to help you to resolve the issue:

  1. Re-Add the Shortcut – The simple and fast method to solve this issue is, you just need to re-add the shortcut back to the home screen. If the shortcut link is not working, first you need to remove it from the screen, remember do not uninstall the app itself. Tap and hold on the app’s icon you would like to remove for few seconds and tap on remove option when you see. Some launchers provides you the option to directly uninstall the app using shortcut. Do not uninstall the app itself. It is important to make sure that you are only removing the shortcut from the home screen and not uninstalling the app.
  2. Reboot the Phone – As I mentioned before, the simplest method to resolve the broken link issue is to reboot your phone. Press the power button for few seconds and you will see the option to reboot your phone. Tap on reboot option and wait until it reboots. Once the phone is in ready state, checkout if the shortcut is back on the home screen if it was not there or the link is working fine if it wasn’t.
  3. Clear the application cache – Most of the time the above two method should works fine and you would not have to follow this method. If those methods do not work due to any reason, you can clear the application cache data to resolve the issue. Each app has its own cache data which are stored in Phone’s temporary memory. Open the settings go to apps and tap on the app with problem. You can see the option to clear the cache. Tap on the clear cache option and wait for few seconds. Once the cache is cleared. Follow first method to re-add the shortcut and reboot the phone.
  4. Clear Phone’s Cache – If any of the above method does not work and in order to restore broken apps on android, you need to clear the phone’s cache. This must resolve the issue. Remember not all phone comes with option to clear phone’s cache. In order to clear Phone’s cache, you need to enter to the recovery option. For this, power off the phone. Once the phone is switched off. Press the power button and volume up key simultaneously for few seconds, you should see Android logo. Once you see Android logo on screen, release both the key.

    Now you entered into the recovery option. Read the option carefully on how to navigate there. Here you can see option as “Factory Reset”, which you should avoid if possible. Check out if there is another to remove the cache separately. If there is any other option to clear the cache separately, go with the option. If there is no other option to clear the cache separately, then you left with only option to go with “Factory Reset”. Once you clear the cache by either way. Reboot the Phone. It will take longer to reboot than usual as it clears and refresh the caches for the apps.

After completion of the above steps, all the shortcuts should work properly. If the problem persists, it is advisable that you should visit nearby service center of your mobile manufacturer.

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