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Today I am going to cover 11 Things to Consider While Buying a Smartphone.

Nowadays mobile phones became an integral part of human life, it’s now not limited to only for communication, we used to capture photos, videos, browse the internet, shop online, save documents, banking online and a lot more with our smartphone.

Buying a SmartphoneWhile buying a smartphone, there are wide varieties of smartphone available on the market. Therefore it’s a little bit tough task to decide which one to buy. So here I prepared a list of things to consider before purchasing your next smartphone.

1. Body

Body is the most important factor while choosing a smartphone. This is not only about the durability of your smartphone but also how it looks and feels when you handle it. There are three types of body available for smartphones. These are Metal, Plastic and Glass. Glass panel phones are very rare but still available on the market.If you are prone to drop your phone frequently, it’s advisable that you should go for Metal or Plastic panel body as these type of body can survive drops from 2 – 3 feet, while glass panel will definitely shatter.

2. Display Size & Resolution

It depends on how you use your device. If you use your smartphone for streaming videos, edit your photos and videos, download and view movies, then you should choose anything between 5.5” to 6” size with HD or QHD resolution. Size beyond 6” not only makes it bulky but it will also make you uncomfortable to control.If you use your smartphone for regular documents handling, social networking, email checking etc. apart from communication, you can choose between 5” to 5.5” with HD or Full HD resolution.

3. Processor 

The processor is the heart of the phone. The more powerful it is, the more powerful things it can handle. The processing power of phone varies from phone to phone depending upon its Operating System, User Interface, bloatware etc.If you use your phone for multitasking like using two apps on a split screen, stream videos, edit photos and videos, play heavy games then processor like Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 or Snapdragon 820/821 is best suited for you.If you are a light user, then even MediaTek processors are also fine for you.

4. RAM

While buying a smartphone, you should also consider how much RAM you need. This also depends on how you use your smartphone. If you use your smartphone for heavy gaming, video streaming and using apps on a split screen, then you must choose higher RAM than regular. If you are a heavy gamer and like entertainment, you should go with around 4GB ram or above.If you intend to use it for less memory intensive work, then you can go even with 1 GB ram.

5. Camera

If you think that the number of megapixels makes your phone’s camera better, then you are wrong. The quality of camera does not depend upon only on megapixel. Sometimes you can find a 12MP camera is better than a 16MP camera. The quality of camera depends upon camera aperture, ISO levels, pixel size, autofocus and more apart from megapixel.Megapixel makes the size of the image. If you have a greater megapixel camera, it will capture bigger picture and it will become sharper when you see it on the small screen. If you are a photographer, you can choose between 12MP or 16MP camera along with f/2.0 or lower aperture. Of course, you can go with more megapixel camera, if available and according to your like, the lower aperture makes it possible speedy shots even in low lights.If you are a casual shooter, you can choose anything between 8MP to 12MP camera along with f/2.0-f/2.2 aperture.

6. Battery 

The battery is one of the most important factors you need to keep in mind while buying a smartphone. It depends on how you use your smartphone. If you are a heavy user and use your phone primarily for apps, game, video stream etc. then you should choose around 3500mAh or greater battery. The more mAh battery you have, the longer it last.If you are a light user, then even 3000mAh will make your battery last full day.

7. Operating System

This is also one of the key factors you should consider while choosing a smartphone. This makes User Interface in which you have to go through every time you need to do anything with your smartphone. So it must be easy and simple.This is the area where your own like and choice is required. Some people consider windows is simple, others Android and iOS. So it is recommended to check out the different operating system on other phones before you choose anything to go with. Sometimes the same version of the operating system comes with different flavor and simplicity with a different brand of phones. Therefore you should check the OS before you buy.

8. Storage

It depends on how you use your phone. If you like to store a lot of movies, music, apps on your phone, the higher storage you would require. You should remember that a large chunk of the phone’s storage is occupied by the operating system and pre-installed apps. Apart from the occupied space, the storage does not come with exact mentioned available space. Some space is reserved for hardware level on storage. Any storage memory is not available completely for storage.If you like to store a lot of movies, music and install lots of apps, you could go with 64GB or 128GB variant or else you can go with 32GB. If you like, you can also find that if 16GB with microSD card support best suits you.

9. Extra Security

While buying a smartphone, you should also look for the security features it provides. Most of the smartphones nowadays come with security features like a fingerprint sensor and iris scanner. These do not only help you to lock and unlock your phone but also keep your important document and other files safe with protection. Fingerprint sensors are common but iris scanner comes with very few smartphones. You should consider that whether these types of extra security you require or not because it comes with a price. It is advisable to go with these kinds of extra security feature while buying a smartphone because nowadays, we all tend to store a lot of personal and important files on our smartphones.

10. Speaker and Quality of Audio

This is the important factor for those who heavily use their smartphone for video streaming and video conference. If you are one of them and would like entertainment on the go, buy a smartphone which comes with front-facing speakers. Front facing speakers will give you clear sound when holding the smartphone in landscape mode. If you do not use much video streaming or video conference, then you could go with the bottom facing speaker or back-facing speaker.

11. USB Port 

Although smartphone these days comes with both micro USB and USB Type C Port. It is advisable that you go with USB Type C port because this is future proof. More and more smartphone manufacturers are shifting to USB Type C port standard. Even a few manufacturers moving to USB Type C port as Audio Jack from traditional 3.5mm Jack.

These are few things everyone must keep in mind while buying a smartphone. You can visit to check the specification of any before buying.


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