9 Whatsapp Tips and Tricks

Whatsapp tips and tricks

Whatsapp tips and tricks


With the rise of smartphones, the way of communication has been changed forever and many of us live in a world

which is always connected. Now a day, Whatsapp messenger became one of the faces of communication between many young people. Almost everyone knows about Whatsapp and use it on their smartphone. But do you know that you can pin your important chats at the top of Whatsapp? Or you can share your live location with your friends or family? Like these there are many other tricks out there you can do with Whatsapp. We will be discussing 9 such Whatsapp tips and tricks in detail.

1. Send message without typing

Yes, you read it right; you can send messages in Whatsapp without even typing. Thanks for Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri to make this possible. Android users can send messages through Google Assistant while iPhone users can do the same using Siri. You just need to ask Google Assistant or Siri to send Whatsapp and follow their instruction. Google Assistant and Siri can also read out the messages for you if you like.

Whatsapp tips and tricks

Whatsapp tips and tricks

2. Share your live location

Now you can share your live location with your family and friends using Whatsapp. This is real-time location tracking service. Once you share your live location with someone, they would be able to locate your current location wherever you go for a period you select while sharing. There are 3 time-frames which you can select while sharing your location and these are 15 Minutes, 1 Hour and 8 Hours.

This is very easy to share your live location. Just open WhatsApp, select the contact with whom you would like to share your location, tap on the “Attachment” icon from the typing space and select “Location”. Once you do this, Whatsapp will ask you to choose between two options – “Share live location” and “Send your current location”. Tap on the first option, select Continue on the infobox, then select the time frame and tap on the send button. This is it and your friend will live track your location.

Whatsapp tips and tricks3. Unsend a message

Unlike other Whatsapp tips and tricks, this trick is very useful when you send a wrong message to a wrong person. If you sent a message mistakenly to someone, don’t worry you can still delete it. Select the message by pressing it for a while, tap on the “Delete” option on the top bar of Whatsapp. Now you will get three options – “Delete for me”, “Cancel” & “Delete for everyone”. Tap or select the “Delete for everyone” option to delete the message forever and the recipient wouldn’t be able to read it.

Remember you can only get 7 minutes after sending the message to delete. If you lose this time, you can’t delete it afterward.

4. Pin a chat

Sometimes you want your most important chats to be on the top of the list. By default, Whatsapp brings the last conversation to the top of the list. Searching for a particular chat sometime became tedious. Now Whatsapp added a new feature called Pin. With this feature, you can pin a contact to the top of the list. To pin a chat, select the contact and long press on it which you would like to pin and after a few seconds, you will see a Pin icon at the top bar of Whatsapp along with other icons like delete etc. Now tap on the Pin icon and you will see the chat instantly goes up to the top in the list. The pinned chat will be at the top of the list until you unpin it by following the same way.

Whatsapp tips and tricks5. Edit an image before send

Yes, you can edit an image on Whatsapp before sending them to anyone. But as of now, the Whatsapp editor is only limited few options like cropping, adding text and or adding emotions on pictures. But still, this is a nice feature addition by Whatsapp.

You can edit the images after loading them into Whatsapp before sending. Select the contact to which you would like to send the image, tap on the attachment icon from the typing space and select the appropriate image you would like. Once you select the image, it will be opened inside Whatsapp image editor, now you can add text caption, emotions or crop the image and send it.

6. Chat in your mother tongue

English is the default language of Whatsapp and but the only one supported by it. There is a large number of regional languages are now supported by Whatsapp and it might be your mother tongue. In order to check or change the Whatsapp language, open Whatsapp, then go to settings, select chat, and tap on your desired language. That’s it, you are done.

7. Create conversation shortcut on the home screen

We all have at least one person with whom we constantly chatting in Whatsapp. In order to chat with them, we always need to open Whatsapp and open their chat to start. What if you get a shortcut on your home screen and just tap on it to start the chat. Yes now, this is possible with Whatsapp. You can create a chat shortcut too. Open the Whatsapp, select the chat for which you would like to create the shortcut by long pressing on it, tap on the three-dot on the top right of Whatsapp screen and select “Add chat shortcut”.

8. Turn off last seen

If you are concerned about your privacy and do not want other people to know when you last checked Whatsapp time, you can do so now. Just go to Settings -> Select Account -> Tap on Privacy -> Choose Last Seen and then select the most appropriate option.

9. Turn off auto download

Almost on a daily basis, we receive lots of photos and videos from our contacts which we do not want. And if you are a part of some pesky groups then it is needless to say anything as you would have been receiving lots of “Good Morning” kind of messages. These photos and videos take up the memory space on our phones and sometimes let us struggle to save our precious data also. If you would like to manage what gets downloaded automatically and what don’t, you can do so now with Whatsapp. Go to Settings -> tap on “Data and storage usage” option -> tap on “When using mobile data” option under Media auto-download category and select appropriate options.

If you have any other Whatsapp tips and tricks, please don’t hesitate to share with us in the comment section.


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