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About Us

We are an enthusiastic community of people looking for a way to change the course of social communication over the internet. We are looking for greater fun, greater enjoyment of social networking while getting rewarded.

ItsMyCircle is founded keeping in mind that having fun, social communication with family and friends can also get rewards. Here in ItsMyCircle, people create their own circle of family and friends, have fun with each other and at the same time the activity they are doing will earn the reward.

ItsMyCircle is not a make money program and it is never meant for that. Do not come to us if you are not interested in socializing and only interested in Making Money. ItsMyCircle only makes your social activities rewardable and whenever any other user gets engage with your activity, you will get reward.

The rewards you receive at ItsMyCircle are in the form of coins and later when you reach minimum require coin balance for redemption, you can redeem them into real money and transfer them to your bank account or purchase anything from ItsMyCircle if available.

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