High Speed Internet Access

High Speed Internet Access

High speed internet can harm your health, yes that’s right and you might be thinking that, what is the relation between your health and internet speed? Yes that’s right, everyone at first think that these are completely unrelated but a recent study published in London based Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization found that the internet speed affects individuals sleep time.

According to the Journal, individuals using Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) tend to sleep 25 minutes less than their others who don’t have DSL internet. DSL is a technology which bought high-bandwidth internet to home and small offices over ordinary copper telephone lines.

Researchers from Bocconi University, Italy and University of Pittsburg in the US also conclude that access to high speed internet affects sleep duration. The study shows People using high speed internet access sleep less than those who does not have access to high speed internet access. This also leads to dissatisfaction in sleep in the individuals that face time constraints in the morning for work or family reasons.

Francesco Billari, a professor at Bacconi University quotes as

“Individuals with DSL access tend to sleep 25 minutes less than their counterparts without DSL internet. They are significantly less likely to sleep between seven and nine hours, the amount recommended by the scientific community, and are less likely to be satisfied with their sleep”.

The study is conducted on the individuals facing time constraints in the morning and using electronic device in the evening.

Billari also mentioned that

“Digital temptation may lead to a delay in bedtime, which ultimately decreases sleep duration for individuals who are not able to compensate for later bedtime by waking up later in the morning.”

According to researchers, there is a significant association between insufficient sleep and time spent on computer games or watching TV or videos in the evening among the teenagers and young adults mostly aged between 13 and 30.


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