delete WhatsApp dataHere in this article, I will cover the topic on how you can delete WhatsApp data from Google Drive.

Everyone who re-installed WhatsApp after removing from their devices or changed the device with the same number must have known till now that, it can restore back our old chats and multimedia contents we had previously on WhatsApp. WhatsApp stores its data in Google Drive cloud so that it can retrieve old data if a user wants it. Previously it was storing these data on your Google Drive space which was reducing our capacity to store our own data there as Google provides only 15GB space for it. But with the recent changes WhatsApp will not use this 15GB space from now on; instead, it will use hidden space which is provided by Google for Whatsapp only.

With the new change, we can use our 15GB data in Google Drive freely as we wish but this also means that it’s harder now to find and delete Whatsapp data inside Google Drive.

Recently Google has been severely criticized for locating people’s location even without their consent and this raises an alarm bell for those users who are concerned for their privacy. Apart from this, data stored in the cloud will never be completely safe from data theft or privacy infringement. Likewise, If you are concerned about your privacy and would like to delete WhatsApp data from Google Drive, follow the below steps.


Open the Google Drive website ( on your browser and sign in to your Google/Gmail account.


If you are using Smartphone to access Google Drive account, click/tap on options button (usually appear as three small dots and available on the top left or right side), then choose “Desktop Version”.


Now you can see a Gear button inside the Google Drive page, click/tap on it and choose “Setting” to open Google Drive setting page as shown below:

delete WhatsApp data


Click/tap on Manage Apps option located on the top left side as shown below:


Now scroll down to find “WhatsApp Messanger” and wait for the “Hidden app data” with size appear below it.

delete WhatsApp data


Now click/tap on the “Option” menu from the right side and select “Delete hidden app data”.

delete WhatsApp data


In the next moment, it will bring a confirmation box asking you like “X MB or X GB of hidden app data from WhatsApp Messenger will be deleted from Drive.”, click/tap on “Delete” button to confirm and you are done.

delete WhatsApp data


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