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Confidential ModeGmail recently launched “Confidential Mode” feature for Gmail users of smartphones. Here we will discuss this feature and how to use it.

Many of you already aware of the conversational thread enabling /disabling feature by Gmail. For those who are unaware, this feature let emails with the same subject groups together. You can turn off/on this feature by visiting the setting page. Now Google bought another great feature named “Confidential mode” for Gmail users for Android and iOS. Google launched this feature earlier this year for Desktop users but was unavailable for Android and iOS till now.

This “Confidential mode” will prevent a mail from being forwarded, copied and downloaded on the desktop or a smartphone. You can set expiry date for self-destructive email and if it contains highly sensitive content, you can even set an SMS passcode lock for it. This feature also allows you to prevent the recipient from opening the message before the expiry date. You will be able to set these options while composing the email.

According to Google, although the “Confidential Mode” brings all the security feature required to prevent misuse of the message, it can’t prevent one from taking a screenshot of the content and sharing with others.

Let’s see how you can set “Confidential mode”

For those using Desktop

  1. Open Gmail on your browser and click on “Compose” button.
  2. On the bottom of the message window, you can see the “Confidential mode” icon which resembles a lock with a clock.
  3. Now you can set message expiration date and passcode here. It will protect both the text and its attachments.
  4. Once you are done, click on save and it will close the “Confidential Mode” box.

For Android / iOS (iPhones/iPad) users

  1. Open Gmail app and tap on “Compose” option.
  2. On the top right, tap on the three dots “More” option and select “Confidential Mode”.
  3. Set up the expiry date and passcode and click on Save.
  4. Now compose the message or if already composed then send it.

If you would like to prevent the recipient from opening the email before the expiry date, follow the below steps

For both Desktop and Smartphone users

  1. Open Gmail app, tap on “Sent” option to open sent messages.
  2. Click / Tap on the confidential email (the email which is set as confidential email) to open it.
  3. Click / Tap on “Remove access” option. This will prevent the recipient to view the message before the expiry date.

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