ItsMyCircle Monetization program is available for all of its users by default to let them earn money while they spend time in the site. ItsMyCircle Monetization is not a paid to click or paid to view program but still fairly easy to let you earn.

How to Earn using ItsMyCircle Monetization

Earning through ItsMyCircle is fairly easy and anyone with legal age can earn through ItsMyCircle credits its users account with its own virtual currency known as “Coins” for paid activities and once you reach required amount of coins in your account, you can withdraw the amount to your PayPal or Paytm account after converting the “Coins” into real money. I will cover all the paid activities and how you can earn through those activities in detail here. But before proceeding, let’s look at how you can earn with

Majority of its paid activity depends upon the other users of For example, ItsMyCircle pays you for likes on your activity by other users. Here is the list of the activities for which ItsMyCircle pays to its users:

  1. Registration – Registration at (One time)
  2. Daily Visit – Daily visit to (One time, every day)
  3. Video Sharing – Sharing YouTube videos at (10 Videos, every day)
  4. Video View – When someone (any other user at watches your shared video (Unlimited)
  5. Activity Like – When someone (any other user at likes your shared video or other activity in activity wall (Unlimited).
  6. Referral – Users came to by clicking on your shared link of at any other Social Networking sites like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest etc. (Unlimited)
  7. Contests – By participating in a contest. (Depends upon contest rule)
  8. Survey – By participating in a survey. (Depends upon survey rule)

Now let’s look these activities in details


Registration is also known as sign-up. This is a onetime process and ItsMyCircle gives you this bonus for joining its platform. This is an introductory bonus from ItsMyCircle and you will get 1000 Coins for joining.

Daily Visit

As the name itself suggest, ItsMyCircle pays you for your daily visit. Remember ItsMyCircle pays for daily visit only to logged-in users. In order to receive this bonus you will be require to login into your ItsMyCircle account on daily basis. This is a recurring payment and ItsMyCircle pays you for same day’s login. If you forgot to login or for any reason you don’t login into your ItsMyCircle account, you won’t get this bonus.

Video Sharing

This is one of the most exiting features here. ItsMyCircle is a social network where many like-minded users spend their time interacting with other users and viewing interesting contents shared by others. ItsMycircle pays you for sharing interesting videos on its activity wall from popular video sharing sites like How you can share videos is out of scope of this article, so I will write another article on this.

In order to discourage spam, you won’t receive coins for more than 10 video shares. If your video is deleted or removed from ItsMyCircle for any reason, ItsMyCircle will deduct same amount of coins from your account. For example, let’s say you shared 20 videos on a particular day ItsMyCircle will pay you coins for 10 videos, but if ItsMyCircle removes 20 videos on a particular day due to moderation or complains from other users, ItsMyCircle will deduct coins of 20 video shares.

Video View

As I mentioned earlier that ItsMyCircle is a social networking site and majority of its paid activities depend upon other users of ItsMyCircle for your earning, video view is among them. ItsMyCircle pays you for video views by other users on your shared videos. There is no limit here. So as long as the video is available at ItsMyCircle and someone views it, you will be paid. If you share good videos, you can literally earn any amount of money through this.

Activity Like

Activity is like posts at Facebook, I assume that most of you are aware of Facebook post likes. Here in ItsMyCircle activity like is just same. When you share a video, photo, or your status at ItsMyCircle activity wall and someone likes it, you will be paid. Unlike Facebook, there is a dislike button available for activities here. ItsMyCircle will deduct same amount of coins from your account for dislikes on your activities. You can earn unlimited through this also. Share interesting videos, photos or status to get maximum likes and coins.


This requires a little bit of your effort but in return will give you enormous amount of money. You do not require anybody to convince and join them to ItsMyCircle or anything like that. You just need to share ItsMyCircle’s interesting contents like videos, photos, articles on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest etc. using special links provided at the bottom of the content. Whenever someone clicks on those link and visit ItsMyCircle, you will be paid. So look for the content which interests you and share them using special share buttons.


The contests are available from time to time and may offer real cash or ItsMyCircle coins. All the contests have their specific set of rules. You can find the amount of cash or coin you can earn by completing on their rules page.


Like contests, surveys also available from time to time and may offer real cash or ItsMyCircle coins. All the surveys have their specific set of rules and you can find the amount of cash or coins you can earn by completing on their rules page.

So what are you waiting for, start your ItsMyCircle journey and best of luck.


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